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Thursday, August 19, 2010

We've Been Brewing A-Something Sinister...

We've been a bit busy around here...
We don't mean to neglect you at all- it's just that, well, we've been brewing something up...
Can you guess what we've been doing?
Here's an itsy bitsy spider of a clue ...
We'll show you the rest as soon as we're done :)
Til then, enjoy the last few days of Summer!

Friday, July 23, 2010

~It's Our Anniversary Sale!~

So it's that time again, our Anniversary!
From now through July 31st, our whole store is at least 20% off!
So here's just a few reminders of the great items that are available!

It's Johanna Parker's new collection of the most adorable frames and treasure boxes!
Perfect way to commemorate an amazing summer!

Cute little tricycle!

These girls have the right idea. Nothing like a good ol' fashion dip in the pool during a hot summer day!
What follows a day of good fun in the sun?

Fantastic recipes that will be sure to delight!

A cute cuting board with some adorable hand towels to help!

Recipe boxes to store all of your favorite recipes- great for ANY season!
For all those who love to garden...

These little gates are sure to add just the touch you need to your garden!

Summer replacements!

These little Boyds figurines know how to spend the summer!

Talk about a green thumb!

One of our favorite and most beautiful wreaths!
Nothing like daisies to put a smile on all your guests!

Dan Di Paolo stakes! They're so cute!

They come in mini sizes too!

We hope that you enjoyed these summer treats! Be sure to come in for the sale through the 31st of July though- it won't last long!
 Til next time... have some fun in the sun!